Anything but Plain



Rising Passion

Allinson’s know that only the best flour makes the best bread. The growing trend in home baking means that consumers are looking for quality ingredients to elevate their own loaves, but the flour aisle was anything but inspirational.


but Plain

We wanted to capture the warmth and sensorial delights of a real bakery and bring some emotion into the highly functional flour aisle. The idea was a simple one but showed consumers exactly what they were getting - a delicious fresh baked loaf. Whilst creating our own artisan bakery in store.


Rising to the Occasion

Wrapped by a craft paper band and sealed with a new badge of artisan honour, Allinson’s flour now feels like a freshly baked loaf. No longer just a kitchen cupboard staple, we’ve elevated the experience and value of an everyday commodity ingredient. It’s just asking to be picked up, squeezed and taken home…aren’t we all!


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