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DukesHill began as a maker of fine hams and festive foods. They now create, curate and deliver an ever growing array of fine foods made by small producers across Britain and beyond. This passion for artisan foods and an impeccable approach to the happiness of their customers needed to be celebrated.

By unlocking DukesHill’s meaningful difference, we were able to reflect a more warm and welcoming side to the brand. As well as crafting a new brand mark and monogram, we created an illustrative approach and bespoke colour palette of contemporary heritage colours. Giving a consistent, cohesive, yet flexible style for all customer contact points.



Crafting the Logo

The DukesHill brand mark was both difficult to print and pronounce. By crafting bold, but finely chiselled letterforms and capitalising the H, the brand name is now clear and more contemporary. While still conveying an artisan, premium, heritage brand.



Unwrap Joy

Receiving a parcel full of delicious foods is an exciting moment. But an opportunity was being lost as the delivery packaging was very uninspiring. We created a smart, understated but distinctive outer for the new look delivery box. With a great surprise inside… Working with artist Celia Hart, we created a slice of the Shropshire countryside to welcome customers and capture the joy of exceptional food.



Emotive Imagery

For an online food company, delicious food photography is essential and DukesHill brochures are sent out regularly for browsing with a cup of coffee. We created photography guidelines and introduced more emotive imagery to capture occasions and celebrations throughout the year. While the new colour palette gives scope to flex seasonally too.


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