Life's Sweeter


Lifes Sweeter

Equal are sweetener specialists, creating products that meet modern needs with added benefits such as caffeine and vitamin B12. Their products took time and research to produce but their message is simple; They believe that a healthy lifestyle starts with small changes. Their branding on the other hand needed some bigger ones.


Equally Better

Looking cold and unwelcoming, Equal almost belonged in a chemist. But sweetener isn’t just for health - it's for taste. The choice of sweetener over sugar is an emotional one, so we needed to challenge the functionality of Equal and breathe new life into the brand.


Fresh and Functional

Using the brands blue to our full advantage, we refreshed the pack and created much needed breathing space between elements. Pairing down the details and giving their logo a more characterful design, Equal is now fresh and functional but with the charisma to be sugars friendliest alternative.

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