Making Frozen Look Freshly Baked


Nature’s Best Form of Preservation

Founded by two flavour exploring flatmates in London on a mission to bring a better-for-you bakery to the freezer, that champions the power of frozen.

The freezer is nature’s best form of preservation, meaning the food is as fresh as the day the day it was baked, has locked in goodness and uses no preservatives.

With so much artificial junk found in many supermarket bakeries it was time to do things differently and reinvent the role bakery goods can play in our lives.



Making Frozen Look Freshly Baked

We needed to challenge misconceptions that freezer food equals poor quality and remind people that frozen is best.

Inspired by the world of bakeries, we used the bakers paper bag to convey the message of “fresh”. Nothing says more fresh than being handed a deliciously warm fresh baked waffle, in a paper bag, ready to eat, smothered with honey and blueberries.


Fresh As the Day They Were Baked

Tapping into the desire and joy of eating freshly baked waffles from the bakery, the box becomes the paper bag. The result is a fun, exciting and joyful packaging experience, modernising the brand and challenging the misconceptions that freezer food is poor quality, boring and bland.

We updated the word mark, with a new eye-catching design inspired by the grooves on a griddle pan. The brand mark is now bold, modern and gives Griddle the confident standout it deserves.


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