Growing capability


Growing Capability

Kent & Stowe are exceptionally passionate about producing strong, elegant tools for gardening. With a look as good as their functionality, they had a product worthy of recognition. What they lacked was an emotional positioning.


A Good Workman Has Better Tools

We like to call a spade a spade. Kent & Stowe isn’t just any spade it’s the strongest spade ever made. Our challenge was to create a brand as solid as the product itself, with a strong central idea.


The Right Tools Make Extraordinary Things

We created the central idea of ‘the right tools make extraordinary things’. This became our guiding thought and informed both the identity and creative direction for the brand. Gardening can be seen as a chore, but with Kent & Stowe we saw an opportunity to make it feel like an artistry.

When you use better tools, work becomes pleasure. So using our best tools, we put artistry and elegance into the Kent & Stowe brand. Their logo now displays the free-flowing, organic creations that their tools can produce. Relaxed from its former borders, their identity now reflects the quality of the products and the experience of using them.

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