Ice Cream Adventure


A Taste Worth Exploring

We were asked to create a global brand name that captured the essence of the brand & product, drawing on its Australian roots. The new brand needed to travel globally evoking a feeling of adventure and discovery across multiple landscapes and cultures.


Discover Plenty

Derived from the Maori name for plentiful. Nuii is all about stepping off the beaten track, indulging in the moment and escaping the day to day. We tell our story like any new adventure, with energy, excitement and delight.


A Layered Story

What sights, sounds, tastes or scents surround a destination? Does that location suggestion purity, mystery, relaxation freedom or even rebellion? Under our brand creation Nuii adventures are free to begin. Our designs hero carefully picked ingredients sourced for each flavour alongside a snapshot of each adventure; allowing you to immerse in the freshness of the Nordics or the warmth of the Australian outback, satisfying your appetite for exotic lands.


Over 1 Billion Sticks Sold

Sold in 20 European Countries.
16 Flavours of Ice Cream.
All since its launch in 2018.

Squeaky Bean

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