Health Looks Different Now


Bossing Balance

Ryvita has always been and will always be a healthy product, but health looks different now. People have a deeper relationship with food and far much more choices when it comes to healthier alternatives. Ryvita needed to get its confidence back and become an icon again. It needed a brand that would resonate with 21st-century consumers, in the ever-diversifying world of diet.


When It Came To The Crunch

Ryvita existed in an out-of-date culture of unrealistic weight goals and cheesy commercials with Davina McCall. They needed to challenge misconceptions and remind people of how good the product is, reposition the brand and force reappraisal.


Top it & Scoff it

We brought the new positioning to life with a powerful and flexible identity loaded with more meaning, more attitude & more confidence. The bold new design remains recognisably Ryvita but reflects this new confidence in the product, the brand, and the changing behaviours of health-balanced consumers.


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