The Bakehouse

Born and Raised the Irish Way


Putting the Craic Back into Biscuits

A small Irish biscuit start up company, The East Coast Bakehouse, came to us with a dream; to bake better biscuits and expand across the Irish sea. They also had the dilemma that they were deemed American!

The Irish food and drink markets are dominated by much loved and successful Irish brands. How could the brand signal its genuine Irish roots and appeal to a wider audience at home and abroad?



The Home of Irish Biscuits

When it came to the crunch, consumers assumed ‘East Coast’ meant New York. With real Irish roots, history in the local area of Drogheda Co. Louth and the longest baking line in Europe we recommended becoming simply ‘The Bakehouse’. We dialled up the Irishness in every area, introducing the sign off ‘The Home of Irish Biscuits’. We then set about putting the craic into every biscuit across the range.


The Best Craic

Their dream to “bake better biscuits” informed our approach to the photography. We shot delicious top down biscuits and ingredients so good you want to reach in and take a bite.

We segmented the portfolio by creating simple, but effective sub brand names that verbally & visually described the different biscuit ranges. The original brand yellow and grey became gold to evoke the lush Irish butter used to bake the biscuits and dark purple to signal premium chocolate.

Tone of Voice

Messers, Chancers & Dreamers

Our brand tone of voice is uniquely Irish and perfectly sums up the passionate team at The Bakehouse, who always dream big, take a chance with creative new recipes and of course, being Irish, they have a mess along the way.


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