Timothy Taylor's

Know Not Show


Know Not Show

A family run brewery established in 1858, Timothy Taylor’s has a rich heritage and a belief in doing things the right way. Despite a refusal to compromise on quality and taste they still needed to engage with an audience who were no longer listening…or drinking!


100 Brands Walk Into A Bar

Beer’s seen a huge revival in the UK, with craft breweries popping up around the country and new exciting brands entering the market weekly. No one wants to feel like the Dad at the Disco - we needed to strike the right balance between understanding what makes us distinctive whilst remaining relevant.



Raise A Glass

Now bolder and younger, our minimised design is a modern interpretation of an unexpected inspiration; The 1920’s communist posters of Russia that hero’ed the proud everyday worker. Each beer champions a different master tradesperson, striking a pose reflecting the craftsmanship poured into every bottle. Still recognisably Taylor’s our new identity now communicates to a broader audience without alienating it’s existing.


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