Rice Revolution


Rice Revolution

Veetee is all about tradition, quality and taste. When the Varma family touched down in sunny England, they couldn’t find quality rice and knew that everyone deserved better.
By 1987, within the walls of a small mill in North-West London,
Veetee was born and a rice revolution began.



Taking Rice to New Heights

To convince the Western consumer of Veetee’s offer, we needed to challenge misconceptions that all rice is made equal. Among other things, Veetee pride themselves on their unique steam-filtered cooking system, that produces a far higher quality of rice.



Taking Rice to New Heights

Capturing both an atmosphere and a sense of place, the brand now feels vibrant and fresh. Giving our consumer a sensorial experience whilst increasing both quality and taste perceptions. We’ve created a distinctive and ownable brand identity that reflects our position as the King of Rice…we even gave ourselves a crown.
Long live the King!

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