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Britain's No.1

Weetabix is the Nation’s Favourite Cereal* and this was the only message on the front of pack.
However, in a cost of living crisis this left the brand open to questions from consumers; ‘Why does that matter to me?’ and ‘Why should I pay more?’.
Against this backdrop Weetabix approached us to find a new strategic positioning for the brand which would drive reappraisal and would resonate with consumers, giving them a reason to choose Weetabix over own label.


Strategic Positioning


Weetabix had so many positive stories unique to the brand that were not being championed! The nation has grown up on Weetabix, but how many of us know about the British farmers who passionately grow for Weetabix and their sustainable farming or wildlife programmes? Their wheat is grown within 50 miles of the factory, something that supermarket products are a long way off claiming. Our Homegrown positioning encompasses the many reasons to buy into the brand. Planting all of the positive Weetabix stories at the heart of the brand.


A British Story

Our new positioning informed the redesign; a refreshed, simplified brand logo and new iconic food photography placing the biscuits at the heart of the bowl. A uniquely British icon signals Homegrown British Wheat whilst the combine harvester carves a wheat field through the iconic brand yellow.

The redesign is a full 360 for Weetabix, we’ve utilised every side to tell each part of the unique Homegrown story. Meet the farmers and learn about their sustainable farming & wildlife initiatives. Discover all of the fantastic Weetabix stories under; Does Good, Tastes Good and Feels Good.


*The number 1 cereal brand in the UK and ROI based on the last 52 weeks of retail sales value from Nielsen up to 25/02/23.

Weetabix farmer footage shot by Frank.

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