Uncovering the Hidden Founder


A Modern Legacy

Sometimes brands have amazing stories, stories that have never been told. Youngs was one of those brands. Although the brand was well established it was starting to lose relevance. We needed to build a stronger emotional connection with its consumers.

Long Live Elizabeth

We needed to dig deeper to find the truth and personality that lay behind the brand. We uncovered the story of Young’s hidden founder, Elizabeth Young.

Selling seafood in Greenwich, London in 1805, at the time her story was more one of survival than progression or female empowerment. The story of women’s equality had yet to be written. Rather than focus on our history, we focussed on her values; pride, progression, and quality - all values that transcend time.

The Outcome

Having chosen to look forward, the Youngs brand is now ensured of lasting relevance. The new modern identity reflects her values and brings the story of Elizabeth Young to life for the first time.


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